No one does Kickball like JAX Fray Kickball! We are pumped to be Jacksonville’s go to for the beautiful game of Adult Social Kickball! This is the easiest way to meet a ton of new people and have a blast.

50% Kickball, 50% Happy Hour you’ll be kicking balls and flipping cups with us in no time!

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Find a League

3 ways to register

As a free agent

We'll hook you up with a team

As a group

We'll combine you with others to form a team

As a team

Create and fill in a new team

Registration Includes

  • A spot on a team, in the sport league of your choice
  • 6-8 weeks of games, tomfoolery & a playoff tournament
  • Sweet league t-shirt, and season champ trophies
  • Access to TONS of exclusives like; events, parties, giveaways, & trips
  • A chance to make new friends, and reconnect with old ones

Questions? Ask Daniel Baynham!

If you need help with registration, give us a shout

Skill Levels, Team Sizes & Roster Management

Kickball Rules

Kickball FAQ's